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Intelligensis offers a range of world class services for businesses. These services include...

Market Intelligence

Our Market Intelligence services provide invaluable insights for informed decision-making. We combine in-depth research, competitor benchmarking, and strategic pairing to guide your market entry, opportunity assessment, and growth strategies.

Market Entry Strategy

Our Market Entry Strategy services are your compass in unfamiliar territories. We craft tailored strategies that align with your objectives and navigate the intricate landscape, ensuring your entry is well-calibrated for success.

Political Research

In the realm of Political Research, we unravel complexities and analyze trends, providing a decision advantage in dynamic environments. Our insights empower you to navigate political landscapes and make strategic moves.

Media Analytics

With Media Analytics, we harness the power of data to understand public perceptions, monitor media buzz, and shape narratives. Our technology-driven approach offers real-time insights into public sentiment.

Social Media & Disinformation Forensics

Our Social Network Analysis and Disinformation Forensics services uncover digital footprints and counter misinformation campaigns, helping you make informed decisions amidst complex digital landscapes.

OSINT Investigations

Open-Source Intelligence Investigations delve deep into digital realms to extract actionable insights. Our meticulous research and analysis provide you with a panoramic view of relevant data.

Expert Networks

With our Expert Networks, you gain direct access to a curated pool of specialists across various domains. Rapid insights from these experts enhance your decision-making process, providing unique perspectives

Due Diligence & Risk Assessments

Our Due Diligence & Risk Assessment services ensure you're well-informed before making critical decisions. We scrutinize partners, assess compliance, and identify risks, giving you the confidence to move forward.


Our Cybersecurity services shield your digital assets from cyber threats. Through vulnerability assessments, incident response plans, and proactive measures, we safeguard your digital future.

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